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Cascade Warehouse offers value-added services to be a truly complete part of you go-to-market strategy and supply chain.

Rail Loading ♦ Rail Unloading ♦ Trucking ♦ Transloading ♦ Warehousing
♦ Inventory Management ♦ Load Consolidation ♦ Contain Service ♦ Value-Added Services
 Cross-Dock Services ♦ Complete Distribution Programs

value - Added Services

Barcoding Repackaging ♦ Railcar Tarping ♦ Pull To Length (Lumber)
Unit Splitting (Lumber) ♦ Store Delivery

Car supply


Access to both Western Class 1 Railroads. Ability to service all Union Pacfic and BNSF destinations from our reload centers.

Use our volume to reduce your freight costs.

Premier gateway connections and contract rates to allow penetration of Eastern US markets. Negotiated rates to all western destinations.

Coordinate cross-country shipments with our network of destination transload operators.

Cascade Warehouse operates a fleet of 400+ centerbeams (73 foot), as close to a guaranteed car supply as you can get. These cars have the highest load capacities available for lumber loading. This enables you to ship excellent footage, at competitive per-car rate.


"A Premier Transload Facility"
"UPDS NetEx-Certified Transload Facility"



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