November 12, 2015

If the curtain has not been lifted then the show has not begun.

Presidential politics is in full swing but there are still far too many auditioning performers to get the production stage ready. Both parties will likely go to their respective national conventions before clear-cut candidates for the next President will be identified.

However, the theatrical performances on the campaign trail have been quite entertaining. With barely under a year to go, the constant posturing and politicking will be like nothing we've ever seen. The advent of social media has meant exposure and over-exposure now hits the cyber world faster than any form of information outlet known to man.

From the single purpose bloggers, party wonk talking heads and lap dog liberal media, misinformation and heavily tainted slanted news coverage, will require the free thinking to get into the high gear sifting through all the messaged being spewed.

However, before contemplating the process to put the 45th President into the White House, let's analyze some of the facts now that the alleged propaganda has percolated into undeniable fact.

Where to start?

Never before has our foreign and domestic policy been so tattered from the Executive branch through administrative fiat, misguided offshore military and diplomatic decisions, attempted national health care and regulation upon regulation.

If you want our international reputation to continue spiraling downward, our commercial climate to be blocked by over-regulation and the expanded role of big government, make sure you vote by the candidate with the "D."

The quintessential question of the differences of R's and D's has never been so strikingly evident.

After 8 years of economic stagnation, punch line worthy international strategy, deteriorating social morals and racial unrest, to think the voting public would tolerate another four years of this is unfathomable

But remember, the "occupy" mindset is alive and well. The same socialistic anarchists who loathe the business class, aka the "1%," now calculate with their economic intellect that those same employers can pay them a $15/hour minimum wage.

The need to continually educate the public with some real analytical data has never been more important. Just take a look at the resume of the minimum wage worker (other than entry-level jobs by youth which have really gone away) and examine the number of convicts, under-educated, unskilled and illegal residents. No nation has done more to address the needs of the less fortunate, but when it becomes a government mandate to override years of market forces and determine finite wage levels, the troubles will have no end for the Nation.

As 2015 fades in the rear view mirror, let's take advantage of a solid economic climate and make the best of what there is to work with.

Stay tuned...

May 19, 2015

If you are waiting for the experts on the economy to reach a consensus, you better have a comfortable couch.

Finally, after the price of a gallon of gas dropped below a gallon of milk, you would think the commercial climate would explode on the reality of cheap fuel. Not so lucky. The reduction of petroleum prices has caused a ripple effect throughout the drilling industry and all of the components (steel pipe, sand, oil shipping via rail, extraction services) that combine to create a boom or bust impact on the nation's economy.

Finding a happy medium between domestic gas and oil pricing and the supply of foreign oil will continue to be a major factor on the treadmill-like influence of the world and US economy.

The strengthening dollar is also weighing heavily on the balance of import/export activity. However, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in this historic push-pull scenario is that of an uneducated media. The pundits need to realize that an unbalanced trade curve towards exports has little, or no, negative bearing on the US. First of all, the revenues created through the distribution chain are not being paid for with "Monopoly" money. Any directional activity, be it import or export, has nothing but positive impact on the dollars streaming from the various enterprises that move goods and services on and off shore. Secondly, the export totals represent less than 25% of our GDP, meaning all of the hype surrounding an export/import swing deals with less than a quarter of activity across the country.

"Politics creates strange bedfellows" is an axiom that is currently playing out in full force. Alliances forming to support and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership have pitted Democrats against Democrats and have the AFL-CIO and the US Chamber of Commerce on the same team in once and forever. President Obama, who would have a hard time running a hot dog stand on any corner in his hometown, appears slightly awkward attempting to support a significant trade initiative. From a President that has piled regulation upon regulation, dive bombed the economy with Obamacare and turned the uneducated, unmotivated and unemployable against the top job producers, you have to scratch your head about his latest grandstanding efforts.

Now the question of who will replace the worst President in our nation's history will unfold. A field larger than the Kentucky Derby will attempt to garner the Republican nomination and return the country to a more responsible, conservative government. A Democratic slate looking more like a Russian election will try to sway the liberal electorate, responsible for our correct malaise, dismantling and destruction of our Constitution, and obliteration of our economy to continue the downward slide.

Hopefully the voters in the United States are tired of seeing our military presence around the world depleted and tarnished, our Commander in Chief an un-respected, misguided figurehead and make a change in attitude and principle at the top.

Fortunately there is over a year to go before the next national election. More time to uncover the next great leader of our country, but unfortunately the same time frame to witness the continued pillaging of our economy and World standing by the existing administration.

Stay tuned....

January 9, 2015

2015 has arrived with unique circumstances heralding optimism for continued economic improvement and a turnaround in political fortunes.

But hold on. The wake from the Obamacare motorboat will remain a major impediment to any total fiscal revival as tax increases on dividends/capital gains, estates, payroll medicare and incomes take effect to cover the costs associated with the Affordable Care Act. The attempt by the outgoing Democratic Congress and current President to mastermind the latest wealth redistribution plan will burden the country's economy and recovery until changes are made.

Additionally, the impact of liberally charged regulatory excess from the EPA, the FDA, the DOJ, the BLM, the ... you name it ... has created a never seen before blanket hindering industrial expansion, grazing, mining and timbering. The automobile requirements for fuel efficiency and carbon reduction are a joke. The anti-meat sentiment from the FDA has reached a point where the government is attempting to regulate food consumption with assumed environmental impacts. The result for the pork, beef, lamb, and poultry crowd will mean less access to federal food/concession programs for no other reason than some delusional FDA bureaucrat deems cattle grazing to be more harmful to the environment than growing vegetables.

Even though the title of "lame duck" Presidents sounds quite comforting, the fact that he has two years to further his agenda without continuously campaigning for re-election is troubling.

However, the new Republican regime seems hell bent to usurp the traditional tenets of a downsized government with their own version of a bloated federal machine of their choosing. We know the liberals are what they are and we can see the results of their misguided views firsthand. The GOP stalwarts that have strayed from the conservative values that got them elected must be monitored and held accountable for their actions as well.

They will not be considered a success without completely gutting Obamacare and all the tax guzzling components that were concealed within legislation that had NO Republican support.

Stopping the President in his tracks before he unfurls further entitlement programs, community college for all and whatever nonsense du jour he comes up with is imperative. Swift and calculated responses to the President and his spokesmonkey are essential.

Continued education of the poorly informed voting bloc that put Obama in the office in the first place remains a must. Steadfastly forcing the Republican controlled Congress to repeal sanctions, fear no veto power and reverse the regulatory onslaught is also paramount.

The trifecta for 2016 should be the goal... both houses and the Oval Office!

The wave of states that have Republican-controlled executive and legislative branches should provide tremendous baseline support to further conservative issues at the state level and buoy those same thoughts "Federally."

Stay tuned as the Year of the Goat unfolds.

December 5, 2014

Rapidly falling oil prices have created a double-edged sword for the World economy. Countries that have become dependent upon the "black gold" revenues now are forced to live within the means of $70 per barrel crude.

On the flipside, transportation-related enterprises have welcomed lower fuel prices and the commensurate savings. It has also created a mini tax break on consumers who have seen one dollar plus drops at the pump.

Interplay between all energy resources (oil, natural gas, coal, wind and hydro) will be interesting as manufacturers and consumers all seek the lowest supply cost.

The Fed continues to wrestle with the low interest rate environment, the inflationary worry portfolio and the tug of war between an executive branch that has done everything within its powers to hamstring growth, pile on regulation and create an anti-business sentiment never seen before.

Mid-term elections provided on modicum of hope for the country with the phasing out of the liberal mini wave. Now the conservative coalition must step in to the legislative control chamber and push the right buttons to stymie recent economic backsliding without losing a portion of the voting bloc that returned them to power with being overly aggressive on a complete overhaul.

The level of turmoil in the Middle East has taken yet another turn. Instability created by diverting more of our military resources back to an area where the "fire" was presumed to be extinguished has left some saying "we told you so" and others clamoring once again to reduce all military activity regardless of the consequences.

This country's foreign policy has been in shambles since "W's" departure. It will take a change at the Commander in Chief level for the US to regain its reputation as a world power and a nation to be respected for stern reaction to policy and personnel not aligned with our philosophies and tenets.

"Protester mania" seems to be sweeping the country. Most of the populous will never deny this country's inhabitants their free speech. It's when the vandalism and looting breaks out that you really question the motives or intentions of their gathering.

The fast food workers that are seeking $15 per hour wages have obviously been tainted by the surging thought that private sector employees should become an extension of the long growing list of handouts to the under-educated, under-motivated and under-skilled. These entry-level jobs were never intended to be careers. Supply and demand for employees in various regions across the country should be the determining factor of what private business must pay to attract a work force.

Commercial construction, both public and private, new home construction and remodeling, as well as robust auto sales bode well for positive expectations in 2015.

Christmas cheer seems to be buoying our economy as the year comes to a close. Although the manner of sales has changed from the mall to cyber world, total dollars spent appear to be promising in the first week of official Christmas shopping.

A joyous Christmas to all and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!!

November 7, 2014

2014 is rapidly drawing to a close with the wind in the sails once again for our economy. The bright spots of lower unemployment numbers coupled with growing consumer demand and factory production will have to work hard to stay ahead of impending Obama Care renewals and pending interest rate hikes.

Global oil production and OPEC's influence on world supplies is now being challenged by US oil operations creating an interplay not seen in decades. Who can be the low cost producers will go a long way to determining how much longer OPEC's state-run enterprises can tangle with our entrepreneurial free market operators.

The savings to US commerce along with reduced energy costs should be enough to propel the business world forward for some time.

The mid term elections and the majority gained in the United States Senate are a cause to celebrate for more than just the end of Senate President Harry Reid's reign as Obama's blockade for House of Representative passed bills never seeing the light of day in the Senate.

Now maybe formidable legislation dealing with the Keystone Pipeline, tax reform, moderation or removal of energy regulation and immigration reform can finally come to vote. Hopefully the sentiment for global warming and climate change advocates can be rebuffed and we can celebrate a few good winter snowstorms together.

However, the repeal of Obama Care will be the single most important issue for the new legislative majority to accomplish. Insurance premiums that can beat the deadline last year are now set to renew with increases as high as 100%. This information was coincidentally withheld until after the election by the government, even though insurance providers had given them the gloomy data.

If Obama continues to use his executive order Crayon to bypass the legislative process, the American public will finally realize what an impediment he has been to our economy and way of life this past six years. It will be compounded even further if he starts vetoing bills that were passed through the House and now can be approved in the Senate.

Regionally, the west coast showdown with longshoremen and the various port authorities will continue to have adverse affects on the distribution infrastructure. Work slowdowns and the ultimate likelihood of some element of strike activity will paralyze west coast docks unless an agreement can be reached.

Remember Small Business Saturday on November 29. Go out and support the backbone of our economy by shopping local with the many shopkeepers that fuel our commercial engine.

October 9, 2014

Voting is the first step!

2014 will turn out to  be one of the most unique economic years the World has ever seen.

From global financial instability and military skirmishes to an undeterred stock market that has seen weekly swings of 400 points or better.

We have several states with bigger GDP than Greece. Why don't markets react when California is headed in the same direction?

Mid-term elections will tell us whether the Obama nightmare ends soon. His own party doesn't want any campaign help, and this coming from a President who has been campaigning and fundraising from the day he was elected. They now realize the past eight years will have been a major disappointment in their attempt to change the "World." With "socialized" medicine, regulatory excesses like never before, and extreme banking impediments the economy has still made short strides.

The US economy is the standard by which the entire world measures opportunities to create markets and sell. It is an ocean freighter moving forward in spite of the turbulence produced by the liberal agenda. It is this liberal agenda that continues to inflict collateral damage to entrepreneurs and builders without ever accepting the fact that their social agendas will never materialize without commercial success to fund their unrealistic utopian ideals.

What will it take to change the course of the uneducated voter? How can a voting block of highly unionized public employees be neutralized?

First steps have been taken in various states to repeal mandatory union dues and political contributions. Our tax dollars should never be used to elect those that will perpetuate the myth that more government is better.

History illustrates quite clearly that there will be ups and downs to our economy. How long these episodes last is determined by many factors. Unfortunately, lawmakers with a thirst for more public expenditure never seem to fathom that lower taxes create increased revenues. Over-regulation adds additional consumer cost. Out of control entitlement costs have cannibalized revenues that could go to more productive, growth-related ventures.

Every one can do their part to make sure those elected understand that wasteful spending, reduced taxes and relief from insidious regulation will go a long way to propel our economy forward and maintain our stature worldwide as the innovative and resourceful country, setting the pace for the next century and beyond.





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